Lego that guides remote company work, processes and targets

FREE to use for companies affected by CORONA VIRUS


Tasks, processes and targets designed  to drive your work forward

Being organized and productive is a continous challenge for any company .

We partenered with entrepreneurs, managers, designers, engineers, artists and  investors across the world to put together the most flexible working tool that empowers processes and cycles without being rigid and heavy, but evolutionary at heart and able to grow together with the needs of the company and teams.

A product with one goal:

"As simple as using LEGO for work"

#nothingless     #nothingmore    #foranyteam


Instant Radiography

Offering an instant X-ray of the company and its whole projects, work and targets


Helping your company at any stage to implement evolutionary work structures and processes

Talking with Software Robots and Ai

Bringing together the human and robotic workforce.

Setup smooth interactions between human employees and RPA robots in fully  or semi-automated custom work cycles.

Invoicing Robot
Salary Robot
Release planer
Offer sender
 + Buy / Rent RPA robot

Take your work beyond the sky! 

We give you the blocks,

and you take it from there.