Lego that guides your legal work, documents, cases and client interactions.


Cases, processes and documents a tool designed  to help you and your clients stay focused.

Being organized and productive is a continous challenge for any professional

We partenered with top legal professionals to understand the needs of a modern legal workspace product  and we put together the most flexible working tool that empowers processes and cycles without being rigid and heavy, but evolutionary at heart and able to grow together with the needs of every professional 

A product with one goal:

"As simple as using LEGO for  legal work"

#nothingless     #nothingmore    #foranyteam


Instant Radiography

Offering an instant radiography of the portofolio of cases, clients, billing, meetings and to dos


Helping you  to implement evolutionary work structures and processes and track your cases 


Connecting your  evolutionary work, documents, invoices, working ours, case flows and to dos in one cloud powerhouse

We give you the blocks,

and you take it from there.