R P A  & Humans

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What if you can add RPA robots and automation entities to seamlessly collaborate  with your collegues and execute tasks in your projects ?

" For  every borring and repetitive task of an employee at one moment, very soon,  there  will be a software robot executing  at scale better  and much  faster..and us, the humans,  will focus more on the meaningful work .."

Our Vision is that Robotic Process Automation and Ai will eat the enterprise world alive. We belive that in parallel with the employees,  every enterprise will have  a case specialised fleet of Robots who will do the repetitive and human borring jobs and tasks.

In this world we see Work Cycle as playing two critical roles:

1. Work Cycle : The meeting place for Human -to- Robots , work, targets and goals that facilitates the  smoothest work interactions 

Invoicing Robot
Salary Robot
Release planer
Offer sender
 + Buy / Rent RPA robot

2. Work Cycle : The RPA path tool  to implement, integrate, rent or buy software robots for SMEs. 

RPA is growing very fast in the enterprise world , but we think there are plenty of repetitive things to be replaced for smaller companies too. Once the specialisation of robots will be democratized, the easiness to access and use them for smaller companies will explode. We want to be there and let any team in the world connect robots with humans across any working interactions.

We think that the success of implementation and usage in a company strongly depends on how easy is to plug this in the existing work structures of the companies, without complicating things. Our tool was built with this question in mind and  the result is a very a simple to use work management powerhouse that can solve the complexity of any team.

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