Our Vision

The journey to the future

About Us and our Vision

WorkCycle was built with love by a team of tech enthusiasts willing to challenge  the status quo and the future of work interactions. 


We believe  that in the near future humans, robots and other digital entities will be part of work interactions and setups.  Everything will be more data driven, more measurable, more accountable  and automation will eat all the human repetitive processes. 

We believe that for every human task we do today, tomorrow there will be a software robot or an Ai entity that will do it better, faster and cheaper. Everything that  is borring and repetitive for a human will be done by a software or hardware robot. 


Robots and Ai entities of different types will collaborate , achieve their targets, measure their goals ,  work and integrate seamlessly. This will scale enterprise capabilities like we can no imagine today. An entire internet of  software robots will grow in parallel with all our enterprise work.


In this entire landscape we still see the humans as being  key participants and our  key aim is to built a solution for any type of collaboration, as flexible as LEGO that lets anyone work and stay productive, no matter the structure, the size,  the medium or the apperance of the participants. 

How do you think you will work with your ROBOT colleagues? 

How you will set and measure your targets an its targets?

How you will assign work  or how you will share your ideas with humans and robots?

Calin Popescu

Raul Popescu

Lazar Muresan